Patient Reviews

"Can't imagine a better dentist!"

We have been coming to the Tornatores for our dental care for many years. The office feels like a second home and everyone there is fantastic and friendly. I know, without a doubt, that a better dentist can't be found. The state-of-the art equipment, professionalism and kindness shown by the Tornatores and their staff make them top notch!

Review by W. P.

"Dr. Robert is a pleasure to come and visit. May sound crazy since no one likes the dentist but it's true."

Robert is thorough, professional and friendly. The whole office makes you feel welcome and cared for.

Review by Susan C.

"Great! Always a pleasure visiting Dr. Carla!"

Dr. Carla has been with our family for many years now and we have always had pleasurable experiences with her. She is an attentive, caring, and generous person, who has made our family very happy!

Review by S. F.

"My girls' favorite dentist."

My daughter went to another dentist and had a horrible experience. Now both my daughters ask when they are going to see Dr. Carla again. They can't wait to go in to see her.

Review by Christina P.

"A brand new tooth in only one visit!"

I recently broke an old silver filling. Although, I have regular check-ups it has been many years since I needed something more. I was worried about how it was going to feel and how many visits it was going to take. Dr. Robert and his staff, made it painless and time efficient for this busy working mom. In one visit, I had a brand new tooth that feel great and looks terrific! Thank you, Dr. Tornatore!

Review by Anonymous

"Trips to the dentist for my kids are never scary!"

My children have been coming here for close to 10 years now, and it is always a pleasure coming into the office. The kid-friendly treatment rooms, right down to the flat screen TV and "pick your own flavor" fluoride is fabulous. Mom and Dad love coming too - Pac Man and Galaga for all!

Review by Tracy L.

"Great Dentist!"

Dr. Tornatore has been our family dentist many years. We know that he gives excellent service and is always looking to keep on top of the new technology.

Review by Christina P.


Always pleasant, explains everything, usually want to stay longer because the seat is soo comfortable, no pain ever, gives great needles for Novocain.

Review by Susan D.


It was wonderful. It always brings a smile to my face to come to the dentist. Madelyn (Age 10)

Review by Andrea L.

"Great office. Good environment and Dr. Tornatore is very kind and helpful."

Dr. Tornatore is very helpful, along with his assistant. They take their time in making sure you are comfortable and know what is going on. Office is great and everyone in the office is kind.

Review by L. F.

"Very positive dental experience for all 3 kids."

Very pleased with the dental care. Kids love her and are very comfortable coming here.

Review by Angela D.

"Dr. Carla is an excellent pediatric dentist."

She always explains everything to the children and parents. The place is always clean. She knows her stuff.

Review by Veronica G.


As much as I don't like going to the dentist, he makes it as pleasant as possible.

Review by Kathryn D.

"Approachable, friendly, professional and highly competent experience."

Procedure described very well which gave me a clear understanding of what to expect. Very professional and friendly which has resulted in superb results.

Review by J. G.

"Awesome practice!"

I have been coming to Dr. Tornatore's office for over 15 years. He and his staff are always professional, courteous and thorough. Dr. Tornatore has always kept up-to-date on the latest dental technology, and is extremely knowledgeable.

Review by Laurie W.

"Fantastic service with a smile."

I always have a wonderful experience. The office is always willing to accommodate my hectic schedule, which I greatly appreciate. Also, the doctor is incredibly gentle, which prevents any unnecessary stress.

Review by C. J.

"Dr. Carla is my son's favorite doctor ever!"

My son loves her and always looking forward to visit the office. Wonderful.

Review by A. E.

"Dr. Carla's patience and expertise is unmatched!"

Dr. Carla went above and beyond in coordinating post-orthodontic bonding for my daughter. When my daughter's braces were removed, she was in need of some bonding to fill in some spaces that were not closed by her braces. Much time and care went into scheduling and coordinating the visits between her office and the orthodontist's. After three long years in braces, she understood how important it was to have the final stage completed quickly and professionally. The end result, a teenager who loves to smile and an orthodontist who couldn't believe the bonding done by our very own pediatric dentist, Dr. Carla.

Review by Pat S.

"Exceptional Service"

Always exceptional and professional service. From the scheduling of my appointment, to the actual treatment then the follow-up, the office staff and Dr. Tornatore are nothing but exceptional.

Review by M H.

"Star Wars Dentistry with care and honesty."

I have worked in the Dental profession for several decades and by far Dr. Rob is the most up-to-date and most caring health care provider ever! It is no shock many patients are Dentists!

Review by L. B.

Dr. Carla and Dr. Robert are both caring and knowledgeable dentists who take the time to fully explain the procedures that are being done or will be done. Tornatore Family Dentist is a great dental practice with a staff that is friendly and makes you feel welcome and comfortable.

"Best dentist and staff ever! I've been going here for years..."

I feel like a family member. I live in CT now and wouldn't change a thing.

Review by Michael D.

"The Best!"

Easy comfort, knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, continually evolving... these are just a few of the ways Dr. Tornatore provides excellent care!

Review by Jeff B.

"Great experience!!"

Lovely first visit for my son; Dr. Carla took time to make sure he was comfortable and made the visit comfortable for him.

Review by E. G.

"Always there for myself and my family."

Dr. Tornatore has been my dentist for a very long time. I came to him at a time when my front tooth cracked and I was giving a very important speech. Dr. Tornatore came in on his day off to help me out. He was able to temporarily fix me up for my presentation that night. I was so grateful!

Review by Kelly M.

"Always a good experience"

My children have been seeing Dr. Carla since they were very young. We've always had very good experiences. The office is inviting and the staff is friendly. Dr. Carla is very good with children.

Review by Lori A.

"Treated like family"

Dr. Carla treats the kids as they are her own.

Review by Donna P.

"Great Dentist"

Doctor Robert Tornatore is very trustworthy and his equipment is very modern. Everything is clean and the staff is always there to help.

Review by Anne F.

"Excellent experience!"

I am very happy with the results of restorative and cosmetic dentistry; State-of-the art office, professional staff and Dr. Robert's experience made my visit very comfortable; Felt very comfortable with information, recommendations and treatment. The location, no wait time and flexible scheduling are a big plus.

Review by B. M.

"Dr. Carla is the consummate professional when it comes to pediatric dentistry."

Dr. Carla has been our dentist for over 10 years. She has always taken a holistic approach to our child's dental treatment. She has a conservative approach while applying the latest technology to dental treatment.

Review by Dawn C.


Both of my children have been coming here since they were 2 years old (now 11 and 13). Dr. Carla has always put the kids at ease, and has always taken her time with us. The office is beautiful, clean and very kid friendly! Consistently great experience.

Review by Lori C.

"Review: Dr. Carla Tornatore"

Dr. Carla is wonderful from the moment you step through the door. She engages the children without talking down to them, and encourages good dental hygiene without making parents feel guilty. The entire staff is warm, welcoming and very accommodating. My kids actually look forward to their dental visits and not just because of the new toothbrush and prize basket at the end of each cleaning. I highly recommend the practice for the entire family.

Review by E. Y.

"Experience with Dr. Robert has been excellent!"

A great doctor who uses the latest technology to help assess and then treat dental issues.

Review by David S.

"Best Dentist Ever!"

Dr. Robert Tornatore is always informative and thoughtful. I appreciate his expertise and feel confident that, with him, I am getting the best care possible!

Review by Marie B.

"l have been a patient of Dr. Tornatore for 10 years. Excellent dentist."

Always a positive experience.

Review by David C.

"A fun and effective place for dentistry for your kids."

A wonderful atmosphere with the Muppet movie playing in the waiting room, my son playing video games and trains, and fish accenting the experience. Dr. Tornatore takes a real interest in what is going on in the kids' lives, putting them at ease. My daughter is special needs and is quite at home here. My highest recommendation.

Review by Steve G.

"Professional and friendly"

I've been going to Dr. Tornatore close to twenty years and have had nothing but great experiences. Even after moving out of town, I have continued to come back.

Review by Anonymous

"Highly recommended"

Excellent dental care. True professional.

Review by Maureen T.

"Have always had the best treatment with Dr. Tornatore."

Dr. Carla Tornatore is highly skilled and always reliable in her practice. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a good pediatric dentist.

Review by David C.

"Our experience is always pleasant."

We have been using Dr. Carla for many years. Dr. Carla's office is bright and cheerful. The staff is friendly. The care that Dr. Carla gives is wonderful. She is professional and understanding.

Review by Darlene D.

"Knowledgeable and friendly"

My girls have been coming here for about 8 years. Dr. Carla is always spot on with her diagnoses and treated the girls very gently. They never make a face when I say they have an appointment!

Review by Donna C.


Timely and easy. Friendly experience.

Review by Anonymous


I've never had a bad experience here, the greatest dentist I've ever had.

Review by Aimee S.

"Dr. Carla is wonderful, her office is beautiful, and her staff is so friendly!"

Dr. Carla is wonderful. She is so good with my son. She can make any fearful child feel at ease, and even enjoy their time at the dentist!

Review by Christina C.


My experience has only been positive and painless.

Review by Anonymous

"I had a great experience with Dr. Tornatore. Very knowledgeable and gentle."

He was very informative and made me feel very comfortable. Very knowledgeable and gentle. Helped save my teeth and walked me through every step.

Review by Anne-marie P.

"Dedicated, caring professional who takes time to know his patients."

Extremely dedicated Doctor who walks you through what he is going to do and gives you all the information you need. Cares about his patients and ensures that everyone is well taken care of.

Review by J. A.

"Dr. Tornatore and his staff are excellent."

Always explains procedure and checks to make sure you are feeling ok during the process.

Review by Peggy A.