About the Doctors

drDr. Robert Tornatore & Dr. Carla Tornatore

Exceptional Dentistry is All in the Family

Robert and Carla Tornatore met at NYU Dental School more than 20 years ago, married, and started a dental practice in Eastchester. What a better place to practice family dentistry! (Dr. Carla was the former Associate Director of Pediatric Dentistry at Montefiore/Albert Einstein Hospital, and Dr. Robert completed his general and cosmetic dentistry residency program at Long Island College Hospital.)

The Tornatore's medical success story involves another family, this one from Armonk, whose parents and two children were clients of the practice for 18 years. Not long ago, the mother decided to "go for" a smile makeover using porcelain laminates, and her children were in need of restorative work. Dr. Robert gave the woman a beautiful new smile using state-of-the-art technologies, including a computerized three-dimensional imaging camera. Without the use of impressions and multiple appointments, Dr. Robert and Dr. Carla completed treatment for the entire family in one visit. The only complaint was from the children, who would not be returning to Dr. Carla's playroom for those multiple return visits!

Unique, welcoming and advanced - that's what keeps families from all over Westchester County coming back to Tornatore Family Dental year after year after year!